Tuesday 16 April 2019

Online loan solution:
Crédit Agricole next bank shifts up a gear

What if you no longer needed to head into your local branch to get an offer on a mortgage to buy your main home? What if, with just a few clicks, you could walk away with your personal financing plan and mortgage in principle in less than 20 minutes? This is what Crédit Agricole next bank is offering its customers: the ability to choose their channel of interaction and a tool that is in line with their habits.

More than blindly following orders: skills, advice and expertise

Following an invitation to tender launched in early 2018, Crédit Agricole next bank chose SQLI Switzerland to help it bring this project to fruition.

"While we were drawn to their responsiveness and engagement, in the end we were won over by the fact that SQLI's teams had carried out a very similar project only a few months before," explains Grégoire Danielou, Digital Project Manager, Crédit Agricole next bank.

"The creation of the customer journey was complex and SQLI's teams worked tirelessly to find the right solutions. They did not simply do what we asked them to do. They proactively provided advice and recommended good practices, and, above all, they were not afraid to challenge us!" adds Emmanuel Favrat, Project Coordinator, Crédit Agricole next bank.

The first models presented allowed us to continue work on the journey with peace of mind and focus on UX aspects: simple and clear questions, structured and logical information, pre-filled blocks, etc.

A successful first collaboration that lays the foundations for a strong partnership

With more and more banks looking to offer online loans, it is difficult to stand out from the rest. Crédit Agricole next bank is aware of this, which is why its solution offers customers three financing options, with the possibility of personalising the chosen option.

With this new communication channel, Crédit Agricole next bank demonstrates its ability to modernise and embrace digital.

“The outcome of this project is a source of great pride for the bank’s Management, which applauds the exceptional team work involved and the high-quality partnership with SQLI.

What next? The aim is to extend the app’s features to cover all of Crédit Agricole next bank’s mortgages by 2020.

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