Tuesday 19 September 2017

You think you know your customers, don't you?

Customers have access to all relevant information they need to inform themselves before they buy. Imagine what would be possible if you could retrace these steps and even predict their needs. What if you could be more relevant by offering the right information at the right time, to convince them to buy your products or services? And how can you find new leads to keep your database growing?

SQLI Switzerland organises an event on Tuesday, September 19th, on marketing automation. During this interactive event, you will learn:

- What a customer journey is and how you can rebuild it to have a better overview of a customer’s habits
- How you can gather relevant information to target customers
- How you can use all different marketing channels to reach out to potential buyers
- What marketing segmentation is and how you can effectively use it
- How you can generate leads through effective social media campaigns

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Why should you attend:

- See how you can build a customer journey for each customer individually
- Learn more about lead generation and discover how segmentation can improve marketing campaign effectiveness through real case studies
- Meet marketing and lead generation experts
- See real-time demos

This session is a must for every (digital) marketing manager, responsible of marketing automation and CRM and sales manager who wants to benefit from the information their customers leave behind, both online and offline. E-commerce managers will also benefit from this session, as they will see how new leads boost online business.

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